Why Our Scrims?

QUALITY, it's our first priority -- we offer the BEST quality scrims and backdrops. We can print on any material the customer requests but 99% of the time we use our high quality 13 oz. vinyl mesh. If you research our competitors there is a very good chance that they are using a low quality 7-9 oz. vinyl mesh and they are generally MORE EXPENSIVE than what we charge. On top of that the vinyl mesh we use pass fire tests and we also provide a certificate showing that for venues that require you too, safety is very important.

That's all?  Nope, we are musicians too and you can trust us from start to finish. BandScrims.com is owned by Before Their Eyes / InVogue Records owner Nicholas Moore -- google him if you aren't sure who he is. We are always researching ways to get you the BEST quality products at the best price. Trust us, we've bought the CRAPPY products in the past until we invested in our own equipment to print what is best.

So look no further, give us a call or place your order on the website. We'll hold your hand the entire way if we need to!