Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you guys offer?

Our most popular product is our stage scrims for bands. We also offer stickers, posters, stage back drops, postcards, business cards, and about anything else you can think of that gets printed. We can print on about any type of material as well. We will meet your needs!

What is your turn around time on scrims?

7-10 business days from your art file being approved. However we can get things done quicker for you at a very fair rush charge if you need them sooner. It is always better to plan ahead though.

What are your scrims made of?

We use a very high quality 13oz vinyl mesh for our stage scrims. We use ONLY the best quality materials that our competitors do not use (most use as low as 7oz).  This makes our scrims durable and your artwork to show up much better than the cheap materials used by competitors. Our scrims are also certified "fire safe" for venues that require it.

If you'd prefer a different kind of material (normal vinyl, cloth, etc) - we can do it.  95% of the scrims we print, bands prefer the above material.

What size scrims can you guys print?

The most common stage scrim sizes are 5x5 (FT) and 6x6 (FT). We can print ANY size that you would like though. Just send us a message with the size you are looking for and we'll get you a quote. 

Do you guys have art templates for your scrims and what file type should I send?

Nope, we don't. Make your art to size at a minimum of 150DPI (if you can do 300DPI, great!).  So for example, if you order a set of 6x6 scrims make the art file 72x72 inches (6x6 ft) in whatever software that you use at 150 or higher DPI. We accept PSD, AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, or PNG.

WOW, these art files are huge, how can we get them to you?

Use WeTransfer to send them to us. This will then email us a link where we can download. This service allows files up to 2GB.

OK, this art stuff sucks, can you guys do the art for me?

Yes, we totally agree setting up files for print is a pain in the rear. We have art guys in house that will completely design your scrims from scratch or set up your current art for print. The price varies depending on what exactly we need to do but it never exceeds $125 in art charges. We'll tell you up front the cost if we do it!

Can we use 2 different designs, 1 for each scrim?

Totally can! Both scrims do not have to be the same design if you don't want them to be.

Will you guys ship anywhere in the world?

Yes, we have clients not only in the USA, we have shipped to Canada, Australia, and Europe as well!

What payment methods do you guys accept?

We accept PayPal or credit card over the phone.

What is your return policy?

We will replace any damaged items with proof of damage. We have great quality control so this is very rare. We do not accept returns on any of our products due to most of them being custom.